About MediaINFO Digital Library Software

We are Geneza

We provide solutions for the digitization market since 2000. Geneza branched out from the clipping agency segment to providing services and solutions to Libraries, Publishers and Archives.

Since the introduction of our flagship product MediaINFO Digital Library in 2009 we started serving clients with varied needs and organizational profiles such as National Libraries, University Libraries, Specialized Libraries, Publishers, Archives, Museums, Galleries, Private collectors, Artists, the Decor industry, the Armed Forces and Intelligence Agencies.

Today, Geneza’s clients range from the smallest publisher to great national Libraries and governmental institutions, that are bringing millions of pages and images online each year.

Some clients use our solutions in secure, private access ecosystems, other clients choose to give access to millions of pages directly to the public.

We are supporting systems running tens of millions of pages worldwide and making tens of billions of words searchable. We are an international team and Geneza staff can be found at several locations. Our R&D is primarily done in Slovenia, Europe. Our Business headquarters are in Slovakia, Europe and you can experience our portfolio of products by visiting any of the official Distributors.

In 2013, we made an important step forward with the introduction of an iOS application which not only brings the power of desktop version to a tablet form factor, but also introduces a number of exclusive professional tools which are filling a gap in the industry.

Year 2014 brought another important milestone, as we introduced MediaINFO 5 with a significantly improved backend and frontend. It represents the pinnacle among Digital Library software solutions, and sets the new standard for the industry. Another important milestone is introduction of our portfolio to Middle East market, with full Arabic language support both in backend and end user interfaces.

Audio/Video support was added in 2015, enabling clients to diversify their digitized collections by allowing their users to find content based on Captions/Subtitles or extra tags.

In 2016, we have brought a complete platform for re-use of your digital collections by creating a powerfull, built-in Content Management System which is opening a new world of possibilities, including creating specialized Content pages related to subsection of the Digital Library content. MediaINFO became available worldwide through a vast dealership network.

We offer a full demonstration of workflow from Scanning to bringing scans live through MediaINFO at two locations in Switzerland and Dubai. To experience whole process with full presentation, please contact us.


Giving life to digitized content.

Our mission

We strive for excellence in providing our clients the best cutting-edge technology that can be found on the market. Our ideas and powerful tools will continue to be innovative forerunners of the industry.

With our approach, digitization is made affordable and manageable for content owners, while end users are brought close to content for reference and re-use through an intuitive interface.

Some of our references

Our Digital Library solution

MediaINFO is a complete Digital Library software solution for interactive and intuitive viewing, browsing, searching, cataloging and sharing digitized content. MediaINFO is powering some of the world's most prestigious libraries, publishers, educational institutions, magazines, and other organizations and companies. MediaINFO helps organizations utilize and re-use their content more effectively by leveraging past investments in content and re-purposing them for new audiences and markets.

MediaINFO transforms content into highly searchable and usable information that is easy to share and annotate, while protecting the content with powerful DRM tools and access rules.

No matter which stage you are at in your digital strategy, the flexibility of the MediaINFO software means that it can adapt your organization's needs. This is why it is sought after even by institutions it was not originally designed for.

Our traditional customer base is Libraries, Archives and Publishers. As MediaINFO evolves, additional powerful tools we have developed are making it attractive to new industries and institutions. They now find it to be an indispensable tool in their production workflows or in sales.

MediaINFO is the perfect system for the Decor industry, because products can be showcased and compared at high resolutions, while preserving the details that are of vital importance in this business.

Clients with Technical Drawings and scanned business documents are finding integration of existing Document Management systems with MediaINFO extremely beneficial and describe it as a giant leap forward for their day-to-day operations.

Scanning Bureaus find the capability to annotate and compare between scans taken under different light and other conditions, exceptionally useful. MediaINFO simplifies and accelerates the process to identify the perfect version or to mark imperfections to be amended during post processing.

Find out how MediaINFO can help your organization by contacting us today.

Key benefits of owning a MediaINFO

Preserving Culture and Heritage

MediaINFO Digital Library preserves the legacy of irreplaceable cultural heritage treasures. Inheritance of past generations is maintained in present and is bestowed for the benefit of future generations. Researchers, students and the general public can engage with these digital representations of precious objects like Maps, Manuscripts, Books, Paintings and Newspapers without touching and potentially damaging the originals. Metadata and catalogue index can optionally be accessed by other institutions through standardized protocols for metadata harvesting.

Bringing scanned material online

MediaINFO Digital Library is designed to allow controlled access to digitized objects through an interactive interface that provides an impressive, full resolution viewing experience. Objects are categorized and enriched with metadata using Dublin Core or other standards. Images with text become fully searchable through both metadata and full-text content, while hits are highlighted directly on high-resolution images of the original. Sensitive or Copyrighted materials can be locked down to allow access only from a specific location or from a specific account. At all times you remain in control of your content.

Interacting with details

With MediaINFO your interaction with the original, mimics the close manipulation that normally only an authorized researcher would be able to have. Intricate details that are visible only under an enlargement loupe suddenly appear on full screen view through a simple finger gesture. Researchers and students can create annotations directly on these high resolution images and share them with selected colleagues or through social media reaching new audiences. MediaINFO is not limited by file size, and can display enormous files to any device in real-time without large downloads or delays.


MediaINFO for iPad

Besides freely available light version of MediaINFO for iPad, we also deliver more powerful professional version tailored for specific needs of some projects. We also offer an option for custom branded application. Specific details on request.