The News Agency of the Slovak Republic (TASR) has launched an ongoing project with the aim of the Digitization of the TASR Archive. The project is set to preserve and make available online the national cultural heritage of the TASR archive and articles documenting important events from the modern history of the Slovak Republic.

TASR makes available the major part of the objects to the public for scientific and study purposes. At the address VTEDY.TASR.SK one can find (at the time of writing) negatives (575,000 pieces), archive photographs (60,000), slides (8,000), microfiche (205,000), descriptions for photographs (90,000 pages), agency reports (250,000), newspaper articles and thematic databases (438,000).

The total is more than 1,500,000 digitized objects.

Mgr. Jaroslav Rezník, Director General of TASR:

”The digitization of TASR archives is our contribution to the 20th anniversary of the creation of a separate TASR, a project that is socially useful, not only for the media, the general public, but also for educational and research purposes. and the linking of photos with descriptions and metadata writing, I think we have prepared a quality project and I look forward to having good quality and constructive cooperation with the stakeholders, especially with the mediating body of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic.”


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