The National Library of Norway Selects Geneza MediaINFO

The National Library of Norway selects Geneza MediaINFO Viewer to provide in-browser access to rare manuscripts & newspapers. MediaINFO becomes part of the library’s tools in its quest to become one of Europe’s most modern and exciting national libraries.

The Norwegian National Library (NB) has gone live with MediaINFO and, in addition to the original plan of displaying Norwegian newspapers, the Library asked the MediaINFO team to also handle all handwritten materials in its collection (letters, postcards, manuscripts).

The NB has a notable record as a pioneer in the field of digitising a large national collection. At the beginning of 2010 there were around 20,000 books made fully available on including 6.8 million digitised book pages, about 1 million newspaper pages, 50,700 photographs, 41,000 pages of manuscripts (written by luminaries such as the playwright Henrik Ibsen) and 1200 posters.
MediaINFO was chosen because of its reliability, ease of access, intuitive interface, flexibility and the ability to adjust to content management systems already in place. Many of the documents in the library's collection are now in digital form and MediaINFO makes them far easier to read, manipulate, and explore.
Sasa Mutic, chief executive officer at Geneza, said, "We are delighted to be working with as prestigious a client as the National Library of Norway. An increasing number of library professionals and managers that are digitising their collections feel that they are not getting all the benefits of content digitisation. The reason is that most content management systems are designed to manage websites and some files but not to display books that match the library user's expectations. MediaINFO Viewer is an ideal way to bridge that gap as it augments existing systems and websites."


The vision of the National Library is to be the Norwegian nation's memory and a multimedia knowledge centre at the forefront of modernity. The National Library of Norway is responsible for collecting, preserving and restoring the Norwegian heritage in order to make it available for research and documentation.