1-2 December 2016, American University of Beirut (AUB), Beirut – Lebanon

The e-AGE platform has established itself as an important venue for networking among experts and scientists from all over the world. Access to resources, services and applications will be an area of focus during the conference.

MediaINFO will be presented by Naseej, our preferred partner of the region.

e-Age 2016 is the 6th International Platform on Integrating Arab e-Infrastructure in a Global Environment. The annual international event is organized by the Arab States Research and Education Network, ASREN.

e-Age brings together the stakeholders and the region’s foremost innovators, leaders, scientists, and businesses to discuss and debate new models of innovation, integration of R&E networks, policies for sustainable development in education, means of knowledge sharing and dissemination, capacity building programs, and region-wide e-infrastructure deployment to tackle today’s crises in climate change, global economy, food, water scarcity, alternative energy, and environmental issues.

For more information please visit: http://asrenorg.net/eage2016

About MediaINFO

MediaINFO is a complete software solution for intuitive viewing, browsing, searching, cataloguing and sharing digitized content. MediaINFO is powering some of the world’s most prestigious libraries, publishers, educational & government institutions, and magazines. MediaINFO helps organizations utilize and re-use their content more effectively by leveraging past investments in content and re-purposing them for new audiences, over an internal network or the internet.

About Naseej

Naseej is the leading knowledge solutions provider in the Arab World serving the region’s top Academic, research, cultural, and government organizations and corporations for the past 25 years; delivering world-class solutions and services. Naseej  today employs over 300 highly skilled professionals throughout the region in the fields of Knowledge Management, Information Technology and Business Development that collaborate and work together to produce and deliver cutting-edge, yet practical, solutions and services.