17th of October 2016, United Arab Emirates

In line with efforts to foster greater scientific research in the United Arab Emirates, the Ministry of Education today launched the National e-Library for Research to provide a dedicated archive of all scientific research papers for graduate students and researchers in the UAE.

Speaking about this initiative, His Excellency Dr. Ahmad Belhoul, Minister of State for Higher Education Affairs, said,

“Scientific research and development is one of the key drivers of a knowledge-based economy, and we at the Ministry of Education aim are committed to investing in the necessary technology to make research more accessible. The National e-Library for Research serves as an indispensable digital archive for researchers, research entities and universities, and is a first step in facilitating greater knowledge sharing within our academic community.”

The National e-Library for Research currently hosts over 50,000 research papers and additional research papers can be added after completing the Ministry’s intellectual property review process. The online library also includes research conducted by scholarship students and graduate students applying for equivalency certificates as well as researchers applying for funding for advanced degrees. It provides a multi-level user login and features a multi-language user interface in addition to a built-in search engine functionality in both Arabic and English.

“This online library aims to serve as a centralized portal for all scientific research conducted by our university students so that other researchers can easily reference this valuable information without having to visit university libraries or other physical archives,” H.E. added.

Project is running on latest version of MediaINFO Digital Library, utilising many of its leading edge features, including some explicitly developed features allowing centralised collection mechanism and assessment workflow.


National e-Library for Research

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