Dubai, UAE – His Excellency Juma Al Majid received a contribution of MediaINFO Digital Library license that will enable the national treasures and priceless artifacts preserved by Juma Al-Majid Center for Culture & Heritage to be made available to researchers, students and general public in full details. The Center in Dubai is considered as one of the landmarks of United Arab Emirates since it contains the academic heritage of the Ummah and the contemporary scientific civilization.

The Digital Library will be launched shortly and will provide tools that will allow new level of interaction with otherwise inaccessible treasures. The importance of this project is transcending the physical borders and cultural differences, as it will allow the knowledge of the past to be passed on to new generations, to anybody that is seeking to learn and discover.

Juma Al-Majid Center for Culture & Heritage main library collection includes more than 350.000 Titles in addition to periodicals library with more than 660.000 multilingual issues. Additionally, the center includes 80 private libraries with rare and valuable books. It also includes a high-tech centres for preservation, restoration, technical processing, digitization and publishing. Its activities are performed in a number of countries and further widened by collaborations with many international cultural centers and libraries. The Center also produces a number of high-tech preservation, restoration and digitization equipment.

The license was provided by Forefront Technologies, the provider of end-to-end digitization solutions and an exclusive dealer of MediaINFO Digital Library for Middle East.


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