New digital tourism museum ‘Histour’ to boost cooperation among key stakeholders in popular Istria region.

A new regional digital tourism museum that enables the public to experience the history of the Istria region has been launched with the purpose of boosting stakeholders cooperation and bolstering further development of this popular tourism region.

Histour’ is the first of its kind in Slovenia and enables the public to use and reuse digitized content to explore historical artefacts online.

Histour is a project run by Mediteranum, The Institute for the revitalization of Mediterranean culture, and has been launched through certified MediaINFO Digital Library partner, E-laborat d.o.o. Slovenia.

Saša Mutić, CEO of Geneza said:  “The future of travel and tourism is changing. People want to have a deeper experience with a place, and by linking the physical environment with digital technology people can explore the culture and history of a place by interacting with the cultural artifacts of the destination.”

Histour’s aim is to promote the region’s historical heritage, which is supported by the European Regional Development Fund.

Slobodan Simič Sime, director of MEDITERANUM said: “Istria, one of the most beautiful peninsulas of the world, which lies on the Adriatic Sea, has a new tourist experience – HISTOUR! Digital museum offers you a virtual walk through Istria’s development of tourism and its history through a digitized content and exhibits.To experience this you do not need to come to Istria – explore it first online at – unless of course you would like to experience it first hand and encounter it face to face with real exhibits and their stories…  You are always welcome!”

Histour has been powered by MediaINFO Digital Library. For Histour Digital Tourism Museum it represents a safe investment into future growth and cross-country expansion planned by the project.

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