Kuwait Council of Ministers – Legal Advice and Legislation, is the first specialized Digital Library in Middle East to implement a MediaINFO Digital Library System.

The head of the Fatwa and Legislation Department adviser Chancellor Salah Massad announced that MediaINFO will allow legal and researchers an access to books and legal literature by means of browsing and searching the full documents from anywhere through internet and smart devices.

This project is an important achievement of Fatwa and Legislation Department in an effort of modernisation and development of information system. Its goal is to serve the nation with a digital information environment to Kuwaiti legislation and legal literature for the benefit of legal, researchers and other. MediaINFO will allow a link between various state institutions, libraries, judical bodies and international legal.

Fatwa and Legislation aims to become the leading legal beacon spreading cultural awareness in the legal community, including the most important objectives of the development plan of the state.

Link to CLC Digital Library.

Link to the official press release.


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