Domaine Public case Study (Full PDF)

Client: Domaine Public

Type: Magazine/newspaper

Geneva, Switzerland

Client Profile

The first issue of Domaine Public was published on October 31, 1963. It quickly becomes an influential political magazine in francophone cantons of Switzerland. It has now partnered with MediaINFO to enhance access to the archive of the magazine.

A Swiss magazine springs back into a digital life thanks to MediaINFO

Francois Brutsch is a European that just happens to be a Swiss citizen. He lives in Geneva and London. A lawyer, political scientist, former senior official of the State of Geneva, an engaged citizen, an independent consultant with 15 years in public service under his belt. His name is synonymous with matters of scientific and technological policy in his native Switzerland. He was the youngest member of the Swiss cantonal parliament for 6 years. Here Francois explains why he has picked MediaINFO for the swiss publication, Domaine Public.

“The main criterion” he explains “was that MediaINFO has been recommended to us by the Swiss National Library”. Based on the strength of this recommendation, MediaINFO was subjected to an evaluation process by a Domaine Public team.

Francois points out that MediaINFO is a solution that does not suffer the uncertainties and project failure risks. As he characteristically puts it, this solution is “clé en main – immediately available”, in other words it is a turnkey solution. This weighed heavily in the selection process. Furthermore, MediaINFO’s

“rapid installation, prompt and flexible response from MediaINFO’s developers ( to requests for specific additions and customisations” won Francois over.

“NO plug–ins” he says emphatically referring to the frequent practice of some software vendors to require additional pay­ment for each essential component of a system. He also feels that MediaINFO is the right choice for Domaine Public due to MediaINFO’s flexibility to be run internally by an IT department, or to be completely externalized or outsourced, should its growth or other circumstances require it.

“People in Domaine Public felt proud” says Francois. The reaction to MediaINFO was very positive and it made Domaine Public’s writers very proud to see their contributions made available in this way. No matter which stage you have reached in your digitisation process. This frees you from having to buy, install, maintain, and upgrade capital intensive infrastructure. You can get a flexible solution that adjusts to your needs.


The MediaINFO advantage:

Fast implementation and a complete solution that seamlessly integrates with the web-site of Domaine Public. Custom configured for Domaine Public, MediaINFO delivers an unrivalled graphical user interface for the magazine’s archive. Easy management for a low cost of ownership with reduced administrative burdens. A great search engine, and a variety of deployment options suiting all budgets and organisational structures.


“The people in Domaine Public felt proud – the reaction was very positive.”

Francois Brutsch