MediaINFO to help index, access, preserve, and help popularize the intellectual heritage of this Central European nation.
Geneza’s MediaINFO is to be deployed at the National Library of Slovakia, the oldest, largest and most important national and scientific library in Slovak Republic.
The library’s vision is to digitize and preserve more than 2,800,000 written items of cultural value and interest. The project aims to digitize approximately 280,000,000 pages within 3 years.
Geneza MediaINFO was approached for its rapid deployment and very user friendly interface allowing unprecedented control over the digitized content. MediaINFO’s seamless integration and out-of-the-box compatibility with the output of the digitization project were critical factors for its selection.
“We were impressed with MediaINFO’s scalability, flexibility, particularly its ability to search texts with highlighting of the results, online text extraction, and even on-the-fly translation. These were key features for us,” said Jozef Dzivak, Director and CIO of the Conservation and Digitalization Center at the National Library of Slovakia.
“The easy integration with our digitization project that is already in progress was a pleasant surprise. The team at Geneza ensured MediaINFO’s compatibility with our existing library applications and is making the whole process smooth and seamless. MediaINFO is the right solution for us, it will be our key system to help popularize and modernize public access to our content, both inside and outside our building through the Internet,” Mr. Dzivak concluded.
The content being digitized and made available through Geneza MediaINFO is of historic significance. The Slovak nation was for a large part of its history subsumed into the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and then the federation of Czechoslovakia. As a young sovereign nation, Slovakia is finally able to freely celebrate, treasure and preserve the cultural heritage that underpins that national identity. Furthermore, the short periods of independence that there were, were very strongly affected by the turbulent history of the wider region. All this makes the library’s mission to inform and educate even more urgent and challenging.
Mr. Sasa Mutic, Geneza’s Chief Executive commented: “We are truly delighted that MediaINFO has been selected by the National Library of Slovakia. There is nothing more noble than to help a nation preserve its history and culture for the unborn future generations. We understand the special significance of our customer’s mission, and it gives our work a great deal of meaning and purpose to be part of this effort.”


The SNK is the oldest, largest and most important national and scientific library in Slovakia. Nearly 190 years old, the library tracks the past and present intellectual and material development of the Slovak nation. It is a continuation of the efforts of outstanding scholars and Slovak patriots such as Bernolak and Stur, as well as religious, aristocratic, and school libraries that have become part of today’s Slovak National Library over the years. The library collects and cherishes materials created by Slovak authors, as well as materials that were issued or made ​​in Slovakia. The Slovak National Library is the memory of Slovakia, and seeks to preserve all intellectual output that comes under its remit.
As the national library of the Slovak Republic, the library is the primary scientific, cultural, informational and educational institution that serves all citizens of Slovakia and foreign users. It collects and makes available a library, as well as an archive and museum collections.
Due to the historical significance of the area of Martin in the cultural and political history of Slovakia, it is today the seat of the Slovak National Library. The library operates under the aegis of the Slovak Ministry of Culture. Some 4.7 million documents in various forms are preserved by the library in total.