MediaINFO Digital Library Software

Giving life to digitized content.

Giving life to digitized content.

MediaINFO is all in one software solution for easy viewing, browsing, searching, cataloging and sharing digitized Books, Manuscripts, Technical drawings and Art.

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1. Organize

  • Create hierarhical, searchable structure
  • Dynamic fields that adapt to the needs of an object
  • Filter through Metadata and Dates
  • Flexible sorting options
  • Mixed content: Pictures, Newspapers, Documents, Books, Maps, Audio/Video

2. Enrich

  • Add/edit Metadata
  • Add Geolocations
  • Connectors to existing bibliographic systems
  • Extract from IPTC, EXIF, SQL, databases, z39.50, MARC, ...
  • Add access control

3. Display

  • Present in intuitive way with natural interactions
  • Zoom to maximum detail while downloading only
  • Partial data Using Storylines for guided tour/explanation of an object

4. Interact

  • Fulltext Search
  • Correct text
  • Transcribe manuscripts
  • Search Audio/Video for spoken words
  • Geolocation Search

5. Re-use

  • Bookmarks
  • Create custom objects
  • Download full quality (with granted access rights)
  • Create “Story” pages
  • Embed externally
  • Extract text

6. Share

  • Search Results
  • Objects
  • Stories
  • Notes
  • Social media (FB, TW, ...)
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