MediaINFO Digital Library Software

Giving life to digitized content.

MediaINFO is a Digital Library System. A software solution for easy viewing, browsing, searching, cataloging and sharing digitized Books, Manuscripts, Technical drawings and Art.

MediaINFO is tailored for large-scale projects of Libraries, Archives, Publishers, Ministries and anybody with large quantities of digitized materials.

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1. Organize

  • Create hierarhical, searchable structure
  • Dynamic fields that adapt to the needs of an object
  • Filter through Metadata and Dates
  • Flexible sorting options
  • Mixed content: Pictures, Newspapers, Documents, Books, Maps, Audio/Video

2. Enrich

  • Add/edit Metadata
  • Add Geolocations
  • Connectors to existing bibliographic systems
  • Extract from IPTC, EXIF, SQL, databases, z39.50, MARC, ...
  • Add access control

3. Display

  • Present in intuitive way with natural interactions
  • Zoom to maximum detail while downloading only Partial data
  • Using Storylines for guided tour/explanation of an object

4. Interact

  • Fulltext Search
  • Correct text
  • Transcribe manuscripts
  • Search Audio/Video for spoken words
  • Geolocation Search

5. Re-use

  • Bookmarks
  • Create custom objects
  • Download full quality (with granted access rights)
  • Create “Story” pages
  • Embed externally
  • Extract text

6. Share

  • Search Results
  • Objects
  • Stories
  • Notes
  • Social media (FB, TW, ...)
+ Professional tools
Image filters
Offline use
Ruler & Measurement tool
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