Viewing a Digital Document

Viewing a Document in a Zoom View

Clicking on an object in the ‘Browse View’ will open a mode that we call the ‘Zoom View’. How to navigate through it and where are tools that you need? Let us show you some useful tricks to make your work faster.

Let’s start with the basics – what is where?

Looking at the interface you will see Toolbar on the left side and Display Area on the right side. 

Toolbar helps to interact with a content:

  • Three Dots Icon - show or hide the toolbar
  • Info – “General” information about object together with “Pages” tab
  • Search - search through a textual content of an object (book, newspaper, magazine or document…)
  • Clipping Tool – extract text or images
  • Ruler - display a ruler to measure the object’s size
  • Pagination - display pages in several ways
  • Download – download whole or a part of the selected document
  • Annotate – create personal notes by writing and drawing
  • Zone Manager - add zones with tags
  • OCR Editor - edit a page and apply changes


Zoom View Explained

Display Area shows pages from your document.

You can zoom in or zoom out to see more details. Use “I” or “+” on your keyboard to zoom in and “O” or “-“ to zoom out. Pressing spacebar key will scale document to fit the Display Area. Under displayed document is Thumbs Bar. It displays all pages belonging to a viewed object. Scroll through pages and go to selected one by clicking on a thumb. You can also use a quick selector on the right side – to type the exact number of the page you would like to see. You can also hide or show the Bar by clicking the icon with three horizontal dots.

Searching within your document

Searching works the same as in ‘Browsing View’, but in ‘Zoom View’ it is limited only to your document. You will see all hits displayed in the sidebar. Simply click on the highlight snippet and you will be moved to the highlighted phrase on a specific page. You can also use previous and next buttons to navigate through hits highlights.

Learn more about searching here.