Searching with MediaINFO

How to Find what you are Searching for?

Looking at MediaINFO interface you will find multiple areas and functions that you can use to get better search results. Read through a short tour around a browsing interface and get familiar with all opportunities that our powerful software offers, or watch a 30-second video instead.

While working with our Digital Library you will use:

  • Filtering Area with Search: drill down to more refined hits by applying different filters or using advanced search option
  • Active Filters Area: edit or remove multiple filters that are applied
  • Results Display Area & Changing Result Display: display objects in a number of views - from condensed ‘Table View’ to visual centric ‘Art View’
  • Sort Options: sort your search results based on popularity, date or score
  • User Menu: log in to your account and access additional benefits


Getting a lot of search results is good, but finding the relevant ones is even better.

To help you with results, MediaINFO will "automagically" suggest additional filters based on your search query and objects’ metadata. You can find more filters in the left sidebar. Click on Category, Tags or any other filter to quickly narrow your search results. Each time you drill down your search, suggestions will be re-calculated to reflect the state of filtered results.

Did we mentioned that MediaINFO not only searches through metadata but through full text content as well?

When you know exactly what you want to look for - use Advanced Search window to search only specific metadata fields. You can find it by clicking on search window and then on Magnifying Glass button on the bottom. Search allows you to use boolean, proximity, fuzzy searches, as well as exact phrases. To learn more how those search options work watch a short video:

You found the document you were looking for?

After clicking on a document, you will immediately notice that the hits are highlighted on pages! This allows you to read the content in the same way as you would read an original book or a newspaper. Additionally, other hits will be shown as snippets in sidebar so you can quickly switch between results. Now you can take notes or download the object. To learn more about options that Zoomview offers, read the short overview.