Clipping Tool

Extract and download with the Clipping Tool

Did you ever wish you could just cut and collect parts of a digital document just like newspaper clippings? You can do it in MediaINFO Digital Library! There is no need to download a whole document for that, not even a whole page. Just select zone you would like to extract and download it instantly on your computer.

How to extract a part of a document?

Click on the Add Zone to “cut out” a part of document. Adjust the zone by dragging handles and choose whether you want it to be extracted as a text or image. Extracted text can be then copied or translated. You can edit your zone anytime by clicking on it. Choose the Clear button to delete all zones.

You will find your extracted images under the Images Tab. If you want to change the type of a clipping, click on a zone and options will be displayed.

Add Zone in MediaINFO

How to extract selected pages?

Select the Add Page button to show all pages, then click on those you want to extract. Press SHIFT button while clicking on pages to select a range of pages.

How to extract selected pages?

How to download extracted images?

Images can be downloaded by clicking Prepare Download button. Material is prepared instantly and you can download it as PDF document.

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