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Draw and make notes with Annotate Tool

MediaINFO's Digital Library allows you to leave a textual note or draw by using your finger or mouse. After adding your notes you will find your annotations exactly where you left them. Additionally the zoom level will be adjusted so you can view your notes comfortably. This makes working on your document easy and organized. Drawing on margins of your books and keeping endless unorganized notes are a matter of past now.

How to leave a written note?

Annotation icon can be found in the left side Toolbar. Click on “Add new” button to add quick annotation or select “Edit” button to add written notes and drawings.

How to draw?

Click on “Edit” button to display “Freedraw” tools. There you can set a size, transparency and color of a drawing pen. Then simply draw by using mouse on desktop computers or your finger on Touch Screens. Additionally, you can press SHIFT on your keyboard to draw a straight line and use “Eraser” button to erase a part of your drawings. When you are satisfied with your notes, you can press “Save” to save your notes or “Cancel” to discard all unsaved changes.

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How to leave a comment?

You can always edit your annotations or add comments to them. Choose your annotation on the “Annotation List” and click on “Arrow Icon” that appeared next to it. Doing so will open the 'Annotation View', where you can click on “Add comment” button to add written or drawn comment. To collaborate with others, simply click on Share button so they can leave their comments as well. Each comment can have separate drawing notes, which you can hide or show by pressing “Toggle Drawing” button.

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